Assessment of the condition

We offer both new and used products and our products are rated on a scale from 10 to 6, where 10 represents perfect condition and 5 represents significant wear and tear. We always try to sell jerseys in the best possible condition and in very rare cases there will be jerseys that are not in good condition, and this will also be evident from the assessment and the photos. Here are our assessment criteria:

  • Condition 10/10 and BNWT: Products in perfect condition and BNWT (brand new with tags) stands for brand new with tags and never used.
  • Condition 9/10: Products in very good condition , with few or no signs of use and look almost new.
  • Condition 8/10: Products in good condition, with possible minor signs of wear, such as minor loose stitching and a few scratches.
  • Condition 7/10: Products in less good condition, used several times, with several scratches, minor damage and loose stitching.
  • Condition 6/10: Products in acceptable condition, used a lot, with several damages, pulls on the shirt and seams that may have opened.

In our assessments, we also take into account how old the jersey is, and jerseys that are, for example, 10-20 years old, it will be expected that the jersey is not completely without signs of use.

If you have questions regarding our assessments, are in doubt about a product or want more pictures, please feel free to contact us at